Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shave and a Hair Cut...

Folks, this is the moment we've... err, I've been waiting for!  

First things first,  this is how Chris described his process:  

I will be chopping this as close as possible to the way Jimmy Shine chopped his model a in the July 2008 issue of rod and custom. The only difference is that we will be taking out 1" under the rear window instead of the full 4".
First I figured out the areas that I want to take the sections out. Then I sprayed the layout die over those areas. Next I will layout the chop and scribe my lines.

Here's what it looks like, pre chop.  In these photos the lines are not yet scribed yet.

Doesn't look much different, huh?  After some tape here, a scribe there, and a couple squints while holding your thumb up like an artist you can break out the saw and this happens...

Lift off!!!

A much more distinct profile!

Here's a good look at how the rear window was dropped an inch to give some more visibility.  I think this is one of the little details that will go unnoticed by many.

That's it for now... next is welding it up.

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