Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Braced Up!

When you're almost 80 you get a little crooked, so I've heard.  :D it was more than true with this car.  I have no clue about the life of this car before my ownership a little less than a year ago.  But I can tell you, I didn't help by unloading it by myself.   

Chris had no issues getting it back to being "square."  Although, there are still some areas needing to be straightened, the frame needs to be here for that to take place.   And, the frame is still unassembled in Ionia, Michigan.

Here are the pics:

The evening after it was braced, I went down to SFSS with the seat I'll be using and we measured how much room we had between the roof and my head.  I figured we'd be chopping it 3 to 3.5 inches.  My goal is to get the roof as low as possible, yet still maintain that traditional look.  Luckily having a thin seat will allow us to take out 4 inches, which in my opinion is a great look for this type of car.

Soon, the roof will be chopped!

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