Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Picture it...

Right now, the car this blogs built around doesn't look like much.  The truth is, many of my friends, family, or curious internet surfers wont see anything beyond what's in the picture.  I don't blame them, there's not much to see!

When I look at this car I see much more, I see it complete.  I can imagine driving it and hearing the raspy exhaust.  I can even visualize what I'll see outside the chopped windows as I bomb down a city street or 80 West toward Bonneville.

I'm not sure that I could type an explanation for you to see it the way I do but I think there are a few pictures I could share with you that may help you clarify my vision so that as you follow along (and I hope you do) you can see the car come from a pile of sheet metal to a hot rod.

Here are some photo's I've collected over the years.  Most of them have come from the H.A.M.B over at the 

Here's a 32 3 window Ford coupe that a Hot Rodder named Larry (whom goes by 3wLarry) built.  While my car isn't a 32 I think he used the perfect mix of chrome and paint.  I intend to finish my car off in the same fashion.  This car is pretty legendary and it's a formula that I believe will be very appealing when my car is finished.

Next, is maybe what I'd consider one of the best examples of metalwork fitting a 32 frame (with a fuel tank).  If you'd like to see more, click here

Below is another coupe that really influences this project.  Owned by Mark Ford in Austin, TX.

Can you see what I'm aiming for now?

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