Friday, April 24, 2009

One Man's Trash...

It's funny what some of us consider treasure.  I recently bought an original 1932 Ford tank and although it's got a hole the size of a child's fist in the bottom, I don't consider it trash.  Upon further inspection, let's say, looking through that hole into the tank you'd notice clean, rust-free steel.  This tank is the perfect candidate for my project because like most other areas of the car, it is going to be modified.  I'm not going to share those modifications just yet, but trust me, it'll look slick.

That's the weird thing about people, like me, that get into projects like these.  We look at what some might otherwise see trash and see an opportunity to make it treasure.   Whether most of us ever get around to making it a treasure, well, that's another story.

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