Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ionia Hot Rod Shop

Today is a great day, the fellas over at Ionia Hot Rod Shop, in Ionia, Michigan have started building my frame.  This is VERY exciting!

These guys build one of the nicest and best crafted after-market 1932 Ford frames.  If Henry Ford were still making them, he wouldn't have a thing on these guys.  When this frame is complete it will be artwork.  It'll almost be a shame to cover it up with a body.  No matter if you know hot rods or not there'll be no denying the level of skilled metalwork and fabrication.

In the photo below is Dennis Lesky.  He's tig welding "spacer blocks" into the frame.  Against these spacers is where the "boxing plates" will sit.  Boxing plates are used to strengthen and stiffen the frame.  Plus, the way IHRS does them, they look extremely cool.

There'll be more frame updates as I get them.

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