Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chop Finished... Rake Mocked...

The chop is completed. Here are some detail shots of the rear... very smooth.

Chris from SFSS and I mocked up the stance of the car and it's really exciting to see. More than just moving the front and rear of the frame up and down we had to consider the tire diameter and suspension that'll be used. The goal is to give the car a traditional but aggressive feel. One thing I enjoy about late 40's to mid 50's hod rods is how raw they are. Details of these same types of cars change as the 50's progress. Motivation for this car comes from those styling changes. So where the car is ending up stylistically is late 50's early 60's.

4th Stance... love the rake.

This is a 30" radius circle, my tire will be a little larger in diameter than this. A 16 x 7.50 Firestone is about 31.3". However, the gap from the top of the tire to the top of the wheel well will be similar to the cardboard circle.

3rd stance.

Second Stance.

1st Stance.

There's more soon to come. Engine and transmission details are on the way!

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