Monday, April 20, 2009

The Genesis

Here's the plan:  Take a 1930 Ford Model A Coupe that's just a shell of a car and turn it into a traditionally styled hot rod, a car you might have seen in the little books in the late fifties early sixties.

The roof will be chopped four inches and continue the "T" molding from the sides of the rear window and continue it to the visor. The drive-train is a fifty-nine Chevy inline six 235 with a 53/54 Corvette intake and exhaust running into a T5 then to a 40 Ford rear. Everything will be fixed to an Ionia Hot Rod Shop 32 frame.

While there will be a lot of traditional stylings, there'll be some fresh takes on a very familiar theme.  

Here's what I started with:

This is at a stop for fuel somewhere in Oklahoma after picking it up.  It fit perfectly in the back of my truck. However, traveling through the headwind in Colorado wasn't fun.

You can see the rare, late 1931 firewall. This car is a 1930 so the firewall will get replaced with the correct firewall.  

It looks decent from the side.  The doors line up well.  It does have a share of issues and who knows what's hidden under the 5+ coats of paint.  It needs sub-rails, the lower panel beneath the rumble lid, and inner fender-wells. All in all I think this is a very decent platform to begin with especially because all of the areas I know have issues are areas that I wanted to modify anyway.  I'll get to those details when it comes time.

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